messenger graduation project 2005



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I am surprised that you can be a stranger in your own neighbourhood. I regret that people are getting more and more individualistic and don't seem t need each other.
Where is the openness and curiousity in each other?

Messenger comes into being by the idea that people are becoming more and more a stranger in their own neighbourhood.
With messenger I create openness and curiousity. Messenger is an instrument for getting in contact and functions as a meeting place.

I gazed out of my window this morning and my eyes where pulled towards a waving flagpole, which I have never seen before. What was the meaning of this?
Curious I walked outside in the direchtion of the flagpole.
It took a while to get there, but around the corner stood a sort of flagstaff whit a length of about 15 metres. A person was pulling a cord whit a paper on it.
I looked at the paper moving upwards. At the top the waving slop of paper was released.
I followed the paper disappearing behind the houses.

I walked to the staff and found a role of paper beneath a roof. I teared a piece of paper and read the line: "Messenger. Send your message into the neighbourhood".

I grabbed my pensil and worte: "On a sunny day I woke up with the view of a wonderful plagpole. By way of this flagpole I send you this message. I wonder if it will reach you, I Hope I will hear from you".

By way of the cord I let the paper flote on the wind. I hope to get an answer.
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